Electric Current Definition | Unit of Current |

positive current

Electric Current Many materials have free electrons. These electrons are not bound tightly to the atoms. They are free to move from one atom to another. When large numbers of these electrons move in one direction, the result is called an electric current. Electric Current in Metals In a metals-for example, copper-the free electrons can …

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Basic Electrical Terms and Definitions

Electrical Terms

Electrical Terms Understanding of electrical terms is compulsory for engineers. As you study electricity in your engineering program, and as you work with electricity in the power plants, industrial plants, you will hear, read, and use various electrical terms. These terms have very exact meanings. You must know what each one means if you are …

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Static Electricity

static charge

Definition of Static Electricity Static electricity is electricity that does not move. The word “static” comes from the Greek word “statikos”, meaning the act of making something stand still. Static electricity consists of electrical charges that remain unmoving on an object. Static electricity is usually generated by the physical contact and separation of different kinds …

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