24 Volts and 12 Volts Transformer

24 Volts and 12 Volts Transformer

A transformer is an electrical device that achieves voltage conversion as the main function. The transformer is an essential element in electrical devices and systems as it allows power supplied to adapt to power demanded by the machine. One of the classifications of transformer types is on basis of the magnitude voltage it handles. In …

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120V to 12V Transformer Applications


Electricity is an essential service in every household, factory, and business premises. Today’s world depends so much on electrically powered devices that life seems to come to a standstill when an outage occurs. The power system starts with a generator and ends with a gadget that consumes electricity to function. Between generation and consumption is …

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Low Voltage Lighting Transformer

Low Voltage Lighting Transformer

Introduction Electrical lighting devices are the single most numerous among all electrical loads. In an average home there no less than five pieces of lighting. In 1880 Thomas Edson invented electrical lighting and was the only electrical device since the world has seen an influx of lighting everywhere inhabited by man. It’s worth noting there …

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Neon Light Transformer

Neon light transformer

You have walked in the streets of a city, commercial buildings, and busy highways and lately even in small towns and seen advertisement signs that are lit. When darkness encroaches on the earth and man needs light, electric lighting has been the reliable solution since the late 1880s. Thanks to electric lighting businesses can go …

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Low Voltage Transformer

Low Voltage Transformer uses

Transformer is a familiar word at least to the ears of ordinary folks in the streets. What is not known to many is what a transformer is. The post will explain what a transformer is, what low voltage means, factors to consider in acquiring one and the applications. A transformer is a device that changes …

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Isolation Transformer

Isolation transformer applications and uses

Introduction A transformer is not a new word for you. You have been told countless times that the transformer close to your hood is the one that pumps electric power, isn’t it? Well, that’s from a layman, today we will be looking at this single device which is very important in the electrical world and …

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Step-up Transformer Applications

Step-up transformer

Step-up transformer is an electric device that raises the voltage of the secondary side (winding) to the primary side (winding). A transformer is a static device that is used to step up voltage and step down the voltage. Power remains the same on the primary side and the secondary side of the transformer. As we …

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Transformer Cooling Methods and Systems

Transformer Cooling methods

Transformer Cooling Methods A transformer in operation develops heat as a result of the copper and core losses during operation. Heat is not produced rapidly in small transformers, but the rate is much higher in large transformers. The rate of heat production determines how high the operating temperature rises above the ambient temperature. There are many  …

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