Electrical Conductors

Electrical Conductors

In material science, there is the various classification of all matter in consideration of various important features. Some of the key modes of classification are in relation to electrical conductivity, heat conductivity, magnetism, level of permeability to water or fluids, compressional and tensional strength, ductility, and malleability among others. Today we shall look at one …

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Types of light bulb

Types of light bulb

Thanks to technology and innovative minds there are multiple varieties of items to choose from in almost every device. Today you cannot go to a selling point and ask car, the next question will always be which type of car. In late 19th and early 20th century, there was one type of a bulb, the …

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Colored lights Types and Applications

Colored lights

Introduction Electrical lighting was a phenomenal and outstanding invention in the late 19th century that has been a blessing to the world to date. There were various attempts of what could give the best light for a prolonged period by various scientists. Tungsten was the best settled for all the tested materials. The colour produced …

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What is Tungsten Light Bulb?

tungsten light bulb color

The legacy filament bulb is commonly known as the tungsten bulb. The element has for over a century proven to be a good choice made by our forefathers. There is none like tungsten in performance. To date, the majority of electrical lighting uses a tungsten bulb. Though the technology is first changing, I don’t foresee …

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