Step-up Transformer Applications

Step-up transformer

Step-up transformer is an electric device that raises the voltage of the secondary side (winding) to the primary side (winding). A transformer is a static device that is used to step up voltage and step down the voltage. Power remains the same on the primary side and the secondary side of the transformer. As we …

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Electrical Power Generation MCQs

electrical power generation mcqs, hydro power is cheap source

Q # 01. Which one is the cheapest electrical power generation Source   A. Hydro Power Plant C. Diesel Power Plant B. Nuclear Power Plant D. Thermal Power Plant Correct Answer: Hydro Power Plant Q # 02. Coal Power plant also known as A. Charcoal Power Plant B. Steam Power Plant C. Thermal Power Plant D. …

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Synchronous Motor Working Principle and Construction

Synchronous Motor Working Principle and Construction

Synchronous motor construction is very similar to synchronous generator construction except that most motors are salient-pole machines. Principle and Operation of Synchronous Motor When an induction motor is connected to a three-phase supply, a rotating magnetic field is established; this induces currents in the rotor windings, thereby producing a torque. The rotor can never turn at …

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