Neon Light Transformer

Neon light transformer

You have walked in the streets of a city, commercial buildings, and busy highways and lately even in small towns and seen advertisement signs that are lit. When darkness encroaches on the earth and man needs light, electric lighting has been the reliable solution since the late 1880s. Thanks to electric lighting businesses can go …

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Zener Diode Applications & Ratings

Zener Diode

The diode is one of the most common components in every electronic circuitry. You already know that a diode is a semiconductor device made of positively and negatively doped parted being fitted together. The region where the p and n-type meet are referred to as a junction. Zener diode is a special type in that …

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What is Tungsten Light Bulb?

tungsten light bulb color

The legacy filament bulb is commonly known as the tungsten bulb. The element has for over a century proven to be a good choice made by our forefathers. There is none like tungsten in performance. To date, the majority of electrical lighting uses a tungsten bulb. Though the technology is first changing, I don’t foresee …

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