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Hi there! I usually begin with greetings, it’s an African thing, for the rest, I don’t know though I have met some non-Africans who as well really like greetings. This is a follow-up post to the one we shared last week and as promised here comes your read. It’s paramount for me to state that you advance from tertiary education to internship to the entry-level job, mid-level level job and finally senior-level job. In this advancement time factor must come into play for soon the strength fails us. Most tertiary education takes four years and in more demanding ones up to six for undergraduate programs. An internship should last a minimum of one year to a maximum of three years we have already discuss the electrical engineering internships. Today we will look at entry-level electrical engineering jobs.

First job

One of the things that never fade from our memories is the first job, we remember the reporting time, the duties, the ups and downs, the salary and every finer detail. It’s so relieving to land at your first job, at least all your studies have begun to bore fruit. How about your first salary, one feels that’s a lot of money, to a point of seeing a counselor on how to spend. It’s the job that raises your self-esteem and you feel professional working with what’s that word-colleagues. Enough of niceties, the questions that are running in your mind is, but how do I get this chance?

From internship

This is a platform to acquire the practical elements of your profession. It’s learning in the field, where the rubber meets the road. If you carry out a winning internship, getting an entry-level job will be easy for you. Winning here means, you have learned the necessary stuff, you have networked with employers, good interpersonal skills, creating rapport and perfecting in assigned duties. Make fellow workers like you because of how you perform, your boss and fellow workers will be the first to offer the opportunity to you (even without your asking). The thing is, make yourself an asset, not a liability, a performer to be precise.

Be on the lookout

In a world with so many college leavers and inadequate opportunities, do not sit and relax for a job to come calling just because you have good papers. It takes an effort to look for job opening, make applications, prepare and appear in interviews. In your social media let your friends know your profession and the opportunities you are seeking. Online sites such as LinkedIn, government official job advertising sites are a good one. Have yourself a list of companies or positions you are interested in, check the websites or enquire from your networks in those companies for any information on open positions. Check newspapers, journals and advertising boards for any relevant content. This task calls for patience and not taking no (from employer) to mean you are incapable. Put all your things in order, your chance is sure to come


The common term used nowadays in ‘connection’. Have you connected to potential employers? Your interpersonal skills will help you with this. Create rapport, let people know your skills, profession, and your availability to certain job positions. Communicate and let it be known, I will call it marketing or selling yourself. This is important as when the opportunity arises, this network will think of you, a solution to a problem and will reach out to you. Attend fora and conferences bringing together business owners and be a member of a professional body. Plug yourself in your profession even without a job, it shows how passionate you are in excelling and therefore a potential performer.

Continue to learn

You surely don’t want to stagnate in entry-level jobs. Invest in short courses, seminars and conferences to advance your skills. Get continuous professional development as your years of experience build up in readiness to get to mid-level. You thought the undergraduate program was enough for your lifetime career, sorry, learning never comes to an end. This investment proves your dedication to the profession and ability to produce quality work, of course, the employer seeks as these.

Wishing you all the esteem in your career journey, let’s meet at the apex.

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