What is Rheostat? Construction, Types and Application


A rheostat is an electrical component with variable resistance. Basically, it is a variable or adjustable resistor.  As the name suggests a resistor resists or inhibits the flow of electric current through a circuit. The amount of current through a circuit is determined by the voltage applied and the total resistance, current is proportional to …

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What is Tungsten Light Bulb?

tungsten light bulb color

The legacy filament bulb is commonly known as the tungsten bulb. The element has for over a century proven to be a good choice made by our forefathers. There is none like tungsten in performance. To date, the majority of electrical lighting uses a tungsten bulb. Though the technology is first changing, I don’t foresee …

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Edison Bulb Invention, Advantages and Disadvantages

edison light lamp

Everyone knows if you need light and you have electricity you only need a bulb and an electrician to install it. You were born post electricity discovery and it may not mean a lot to you what it does. If you have a bulb you know it’s a matter of pressing a switch for you …

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What is Ammeter? Working Principle and Types

ammeter using for measuring current

One of the key areas in engineering is instrumentation. Engineers want to monitor and control the parameters of machines so that they can work efficiently. A meter is a device used to measure the quantity of a given parameter. Technicians in their work need to know not only the presence given by indicators but as …

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Electrical Engineering Internships/Apprenticeship

Electrical Engineering Internships

Engineering is a branch of knowledge that the world cannot do without. More than 80% of countries’ budget allocation is drained to the hands of engineers. In fact, you can say that a country’s development equals to engineering projects invested in. The second most junk of budget goes to human resource and still in these …

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Electrical Engineering Entry Level Jobs

Electrical engineering entry level jobs

Hi there! I usually begin with greetings, it’s an African thing, for the rest, I don’t know though I have met some non-Africans who as well really like greetings. This is a follow-up post to the one we shared last week and as promised here comes your read. It’s paramount for me to state that …

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What is Electric Charge? Properties of Charge

electric charge and properties of charge

An atom contains electron and protons and as a result, there is an electric charge on it due to the balance or unbalance of these particles. Electron contains negative charges and protons contain a positive charge. Like charges repel each other and unlike charges attract each other. These particles create an electric field around then …

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How Much Electricity Does a Computer Use?

computer/laptop electricity power usage

If you ever wonder how electricity works, then you are not alone in this. The relation between electricity and the computer is since its invention, and many have a mystical confusion in mind about it. In order to keep your computer system works, you must grasp the basic idea of how a computer works and …

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What is Electrical Engineering? Complete Guide

What is Electrical Engineering? Complete guide

Introduction to Electrical Engineering Electrical engineering is one of the many disciplines within the engineering world. The engineer is to come up with a system that offers a solution to world problems. To achieve this engineering integrates scientific principles with mathematics to design and implement world solutions. Just like other disciplines, these solutions have been …

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History, Discovery and Electricity Terminology

electricity invention

History and Discovery of Electricity Electricity is one of our most useful sources of energy today. It is hard to imagine how a modem industrial society could exist without electricity. But until the mid-1800s, no one knew much about electricity or how to use it. Until then, electricity was nothing more than a scientific curiosity. …

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