What is Earthing? Why it’s important?

earthing or grounding

Definition Geographically speaking earth is the planet habituated by mankind. What then can earthing mean? In layman’s language, is it connecting non-current carrying conductive parts of equipment or an installation to the earth using a conductor. It also refers to connecting the neutral conductor of an electrical system to the earth. Earthing is widely used …

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Pyrometer Used For?

pyrometer used for high temperature measuring e

One of the broad categories in engineering disciplines is instrumentation. Electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering heavily depend on instruments to control and monitor operations. One of the key parameters in engineering is temperature. Many devices have been invented to measure temperatures and one of them is a Pyrometer. A device is used to measure temperature …

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Buchholz Relay Working Principle

Buchholz relay transformer protection

A relay is an electrical switch that controls a high voltage circuit using a low voltage source. Effectively. A relay electrically separates a low voltage circuit from a high voltage circuit. Most relays are actuated by sensors and hence commonly used in the control system. Buchholz relay is a special device that detects faults inside …

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